Heuristic Review of 'Cane Success Center' website 
Summary: Cane Success Center is a website that presents resources for students of the University of Miami. In order to improve the user’s experience while browsing through the resources, a heuristic evaluation on the website was performed by six evaluators from the CIM 622 class at the University of Miami. 
The 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design by Nielsen and Molich were used as the benchmark for the evaluations. The ten heuristics were Visibility, Freedom, Error Prevention, Flexibility, Error Recovery, Mapping, Consistency, Recognition, Minimalism and Help.
Two catastrophic and ten major usability improvement opportunities were uncovered by the evaluators and their issues prompted three UI critiques: Content, Navigation and interaction.
Content, navigation and interaction were identified as key areas that are prone to having room for  improvement from a UI standpoint. This report also provides recommendations to each of the identified  heuristic violations thus creating a better overall user experience.
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