The U Experience is an augmented reality application that offers the exploration of the University of Miami Coral Gables campus through a Magicleap device.
Goal : To build a supplement experience for the orientation program that will help increase the engagement of the new generation of students with UM.

This project seeks to familiarize students with the University of Miami using an innovative experience.
The U experience is a Magic Leap application that will compliment the freshman orientation programs by immersing students in a mixed reality experience. It will allow them to learn about the different aspects of The University of Miami campus and help them adjust to college life.
Tools & SDK Used:
Unity 3D (C# Programming)
Blender, Maya
Magicleap Unity package (Lumin SDK)
Adobe creative suite
My Responsibilities
• Application Development
• UX Design
• Engineering UI
Development by Manouj Kumar Govindaraju
User Research, Analysis and UX/UI design by Maria Aguilar
Advisor - Dr. Barbara Millet
Advisor - Professor Kim Grinfeder

Special Thanks to 
Nick Tsinoremas - Director of the University of Miami Institute for Data Science & Computing
University of Miami Institute for Data Science & Computing
Trevor Green - Director of Graduate Studies, Lecturer of Journalism and Media Management
Iliana Menendez - Graduate Student at The School of Communication.
Ezra David Remer - Student Government ECO Agency Liaison and Curator | The Gifford Arboretum
Anna Grinfeder - Assistant Director, Student Retention
Darby Plummer - Director Student Retention
Traniece Bruce - Assistant Director of Admissions

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