Moles is a playful and poetic meditation on moles, self-exams, and skin cancer. In this augmented reality experience, different photographs are connected to a short personal video, a reflection on surface talk or what our Moles (our skin) can tell us about ourselves and our ability to negotiate risk and reality.
About Moles:
Moles is an augmented reality installation for galleries, festivals and even medical waiting rooms. 
The project consists of five photographs and an app that runs on an android phone or tablet. Headphones are required. Each photograph links to a short video about memories, moles, and melanoma. Moles are beauty marks, warning signs and for some cultures, they are even predictors of fate and fortune. 
Tools & SDK Used:
Unity 3D,
Vuforia SDK 
Google ARCore
My ROLES AND Responsibilities
• Application Development
• UX Planning
• Image Target optimization
• Engineering UI and programming the application
App Development by Manouj Kumar Govindaraju
Produced and Directed by Elizabeth Miller​​​​​​​
Written by Elizabeth Miller with Savannah Geary 
Mole Photograph by Grant Bemis, inspired by Wendy Vissar
Creative technologist and Design by Professor Kim Grinfeder
Art Direction and Animation by Alison Naturale
Web Design by Alison Naturale
Sound Recording and Mix by Zaccary Dyck
Special thanks to Deb Vanslet and Michele Luchs

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