Harvey is a simulation for training medical students about Essential Cardiac Auscultation and bed side skills.
The goal of this project is for the users to recognize the most important cardiac auscultatory findings. The emphasis is on auscultation, recognizing that other bedside skills, including assessment of the arterial and venous pulses and precordial movements are also important. The second goal is for the users to understand and be able to outline the basic physiology and pathophysiology associated with the important auscultatory findings. The emphasis is on basic explanations, recognizing that complex and multiple mechanisms may account for a given finding.
This project is currently under development for both Magicleap (Mixed Reality) and Oculus/Pico (Virtual Reality) Platforms. The below video is of the Magicleap prototype.
Tools & SDK Used:
Unity 3D (C# Programming)
Blender, Adobe creative suite
Oculus and Magicleap Unity package (Lumin SDK)
My Responsibilities
• Application Development
• UX Design
• 3D Model design and tweaking
Development by Manouj Kumar Govindaraju
Graphic Designer - Andrea Lustgarten
Advisor - Prof. Kim Grinfeder
Stakeholder - Dr. Issenberg, S.Barry, M.D.
Stakeholder - Dr. Groom, Jeffrey A

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