Echo Earth Experience (EEE) is a virtual reality (VR) experience, which simulates how animals use echolocation to navigate, for example marine mammals underwater. In this VR first person swimmer, players take on the role of a baby beluga whale that is immersed in the deep blue Arctic and is learning to use its senses to search for food. The goal is to find and eat as many fish and octopi as possible before time runs out. To do so, invoke your echolocation abilities by making sounds (using a handheld controller) to ideally generate an echo that will help you determine the direction of these food sources.
Platform: Oculus Gear VR & Oculus Go
• Application Development
• Sphere raycasting to detect objects within a range in the direction of view.
Echo Earth Team
Lien Tran, producer and lead game designer
Manouj Govindaraju, developer
Todd Heino, developer
Lina Angel, game UI and promotions
Zihan Xu, game UI and promotions
Jose Guzman, 3D animation
Rudy Magasrevy, sound effects

Special thanks to Clay Ewing, Kim Grinfeder, Hilary Yip, and Robbie Silverberg.
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