Climate Change Pinball is a volumetric mixed-reality experience on climate adaptation and resilience. The game promotes climate education in a fun and interactive manner by showing players not only the consequences of environmental negligence, but also the benefits of caring for the environment by listening to the young voices in our society, and promoting collaboration to resist the effects of climate on our planet, all within the context of a pinball game. 
Video credits: University of Miami, Department of Interactive Media
Tools & SDK Used:
Unity 3D (C# Programming)
Blender, Adobe creative suite
Oculus and Magicleap Unity package (Lumin SDK)
My Responsibilities
• Application Development
• UX Design
• 3D Model design and tweaking
Development by Manouj Kumar Govindaraju
Graphic Designer - Lorena Lopez
Advisor - Prof. Kim Grinfeder
Physical computing - Prof. Zeven Rodriguez
Video: Ana Hinestrosa
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