A magic leap game playable at the Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami.
Creating a Magic Leap Experience for the Museum that will help visitors to
1. ENGAGE : To make visitors participate or spend more time on artworks
2. LEARN : Present information about artworks to visitors
3. ENHANCE WELLNESS : In this case, visual intellect
Art Hunt is designed like a scavenger hunt game in which a puzzle piece belonging to an artwork will be given to the player. The player will then have to find the original artwork to which this image belongs to.
Magic leap with image recognition was used to recognize the artworks at the museum. This way, the artwork becomes an digitally interactable object.​​​​​​​
Installation Location: Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami
Platform : Magic Leap
Tools & SDK:
Unity 3D
Hardware : Magic Leap 1
SDK : Magicleap Unity package, Image Recognition

Concept, Research and Development : Manouj Kumar Govindaraju
UI Designers: Yutong Han, Jinqi Li and Aishwarya
Advisors : Ewing Clay and Mark Osterman

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