During my internship at Touchsuite LLC, I created a gesture controlled Kiosk application.With this application, users will be able to interact with digital interfaces using their hand gestures.
This Proof of concept application utilized hand recognition and gesture recognition features offered by Nuitrack SDK. 
Tools & SDK
Tools: Unity
Hardware: Intel Realsense D415 Cameras
SDK : Nuitrack, Realsense SDK
Platform : Android based Kiosk


Project Manager : Bhavin Asher
UX Ideation : Ash Otocki
UI Design and Application Development: Manouj Kumar Govindaraju
Related Coursework
As part of my Augmented Reality course, I experimented an AR application utilizing the hand recognition and gesture recognition features provided by the Manomotion SDK for android.
Tools and SDKs used : 
1. Unity
2. AR Core for android
3. Manomotion SDK 2.0
4. AR Core integration plugin for Manomotion
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